Do you love the versatility of color changing products?  You'll love this chameleon mica!  It's super easy to apply on to any tumbler or crafting projects you're working on.  

For chameleon mica powder to pop, the trick is starting out with a black base on your project:

Soaps: You will need to mix the chameleon pigment with a black mica.

Epoxy: Start out with a black base. There are a few ways for this application:

  • Adding chameleon pigment into the epoxy. Remember a little bit goes a long way!
  • Adding chameleon pigment into a medium and brushing onto your project.
  • Using your finger/brush and applying it to slightly tacky epoxy or glossy black spray paint.

*Remember different applications of the product will yield different effects and appearances. 

Type – Chameleon Mica
Ingredients – Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Tin Oxide, Silica.
Restrictions – These are approved for cosmetics without any restrictions.

Weight – 5 grams

DISCLAIMER: Due to the variations in lighting, devices and monitors, product photos may not accurately reflect the actual color of the mica.